Curbing bad behaviour with ‘Positive Architecture’.

By Alex Smale – Owners Corporation Manager There is a concept within design known as “hostile architecture” it describes attempts to use built environment to modify behaviour. As soon as you learn about this you will start to see it everywhere. A common example is skatestoppers which are metal strips often on ledges and railings
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The importance of running a well maintained building

The importance of running a well-maintained building.

By Alex Smale – Owners Corporation Manager “Do we really need to pay to get the anchor points certified every year?” … “Do you want someone to fall off the roof?” This kind of conversation is all too common at the annual general meetings of strata properties. All buildings have machinery and systems which owners
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The technological initiatives attracting apartment buyers.

More than ever before, buyers are looking for innovative features to make their homes more efficient and convenient. Developers who include these technological initiatives are able to attract buyers more easily and secure their reputation as an industry leader. Many of these initiatives also help achieve a more harmonious and cost-effective Owners Corporation through improved
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Our 2020 Australian Knight

This year, The Knight honours Sally Beard and the not-for-profit Backpacks 4 VIC Kids, of which Sally is the founder, as our 2020 Australian Knight. In Australia, nearly 48,000 children are in foster care or emergency accommodation on any given night, with 11,500 new placements occurring each year. Often vulnerable children are placed quickly, without much
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Essential Safety Measures

The following content has been prepared and provided by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) When the construction of a building is complete, the building owner is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, particularly its safety features or essential safety measures. The maintenance of essential safety measures will ensure that important safety systems within the building
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The Knight Community Grant: Balmoral Apartments

On Sunday 24th November, Balmoral Apartments was the third building of 2019 to host their community building initiative, Bubbles in the Garden. The gardens at Balmoral are something of a talking point in themselves, designed by award-winning landscape designer Paul Bangay, so it’s no wonder residents take any opportunity to gather in the leafy oasis.
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What is an Owners Corporation

What is an Owners Corporation?

What is an Owners Corporation? Strata titled properties in Australia have assets (property, services) that no single private lot owner has individual responsibility and/or authority for. Examples include corridors, communal lighting, a shared roof and so on. Within Victoria, Owners Corporations are legal entities created by the registration of Plans of Subdivision. The Plan of
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Developer Day Out 2019.

On Oaks Day, 7 November 2019, The Knight hosted our first ever ‘Developer Day Out’ event. About Developer Day Out. Through our partnerships with some of Australia’s most renowned developers we have had the opportunity to work on some of the most ambitious, luxurious and esteemed developments around Melbourne. Developer Day Out is our way
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Williamson's Estate Community-Building Event

The Knight Community Grant: Williamson’s Estate.

On Sunday the 27th October, residents from Williamson’s Estate came together to celebrate the spooky season with their Trick or Treat community-building event. It was a dreary October afternoon but the rain certainly didn’t dampen the excitement, with kids from across the estate getting dressed up and running from house to house in the search
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