The Knight Community Grant: Parque Apartments

strata specialists

On Sunday 16 May we were lucky enough to join the community at Parque Apartments for the final component of their community building initiative.

First applying for one of The Knight’s community grants back in 2019, the Committee were provided funding for two components.

The first was the purchase and installation of some garden furniture for the beautiful, heritage listed grounds at the property. The idea was to create a space for residents to meet & mingle while enjoying the common property.

The second component was to be an ‘unveiling’ of the new furniture, a chance for residents to get together and enjoy all that their property has to offer.

Delayed in 2020 by COVID restrictions, the community were lucky to get this event in just before another Melbourne lockdown and re-imposed restrictions on gatherings.

Residents came together on an overcast Sunday afternoon to enjoy an extensive spread of nibbles, pizza and wine, all organised by the Committee.

It was great to see committee members, owners and tenants alike getting to know each other, and making use of the impressive facilities they have access to at Parque.

Thank you to to the Committee for applying for the grant and organising such a lovely afternoon, and of course, for having us along to share in the festivities.

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