The Knight successfully manages over 300 Owners Corporations; this portfolio consists of some of Melbourne’s most prestigious landmarks for residential, retail, commercial and industrial properties within the strata and community titles. We have the capacity to manage all building sizes with uncompromising professionalism.

  • Residential - Apartment Buildings.

    We have extensive experience managing Owners Corporations for apartments, from our smallest of just 2 lots, through to large-scale multi Owners Corporations. With some Owners Corporations under our care for over 20 years, we have proven our capability to meet the varied requirements of Owners Corporations of all sizes and complexities.

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  • Residential - Units & Estates.

    A separate skill set is required to effectively manage townhouse developments and large housing communities. At The Knight we have the systems and experience required to oversee these projects, as demonstrated by our portfolio which includes some of Melbourne’s largest estates and over 25 townhouse developments.

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  • Commercial, Industrial & Retail.

    Our highly skilled team offers specialist commercial, recreational and retail property management services where your requirements are met with the greatest of professional ease. Our extensive knowledge and experience with both property and facility management makes The Knight the obvious choice.

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  • Recent Appointments

  • The Fifth Apartments

    38 Rose Lane, Melbourne

    Management Commenced April 2021

    No of lots 406

    Category Apartment Buildings – Large

  • Ryan & Leveson

    62-82 Leveson Street, North Melbourne

    Management Commenced April 2021

    No of lots 96

    Category Apartment Buildings – Medium

  • Bespoke Apartments

    1394 Malvern Road, Glen Iris

    Management Commenced April 2021

    No of lots 13

    Category Apartment Buildings – Small