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We have extensive experience managing Owners Corporations for apartments with some Owners Corporations under our care for over 20 years, we have proven our capability to meet the varied requirements of Owners Corporations of all sizes and complexities.

  • Medium (50-150 Lots)

    One of The Knight’s first buildings is The Domain at 1 Albert Road, Melbourne which consists of 112 Lots. The Knight has been managing The Domain since 1995 and we are very proud of the fact that the property launched a book about its journey from it previous existence as ‘BP House’ and dedicated a page to The Knight where Robert Evans, Managing Director, was invited to write about our ongoing involvement.

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  • Large (>150 Lots)

    Large complexes, more often than not, require on site building management and accordingly the role of The Knight relates more to the administrative, financial and secretarial requirements notwithstanding that many Committees of Management may require us to closely interface with building management. One of our largest properties, which The Knight has been managing since 2005, requires Owners Corporation levies in excess of $4.5M per annum to ensure that the expectations of the members are realised.

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  • Portfolio Spotlight - Properties awarded Community Grants from The Knight.

  • The Grounds Apartments >

    173 The Boulevard, Ivanhoe East

    Community Grant – Funds were used for a 2023 Christmas event, aimed to foster connections among residents and lay the groundwork for a vibrant community spirit at the new development.

    No of Lots 103

  • Holme >

    68 Cambridge Street, Collingwood

    Community Grant – Funding allocated towards four social gatherings throughout the year for Holme residents to connect and get to know the neighbours.

    No of Lots 156

  • Parque Apartments >

    555 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne

    Community Grant – Grant used to purchase and install garden furniture for their communal grounds. Plus, funds towards a social gathering to ‘unveil’ their new furniture.

    No of Lots 330