The future of window & façade cleaning arrives in Australia.

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The Knight team were lucky enough to attend a demonstration with FAMASO last month, the facilities service company which has secured the Australian rights to Norwegian technology KTV Working Drones.

Taking place in South Melbourne, the FAMASO team showed us the speed and ease in which a varied building exterior could be cleaned utilising pressurised water up to 80 degrees, getting as close as 1-1.5m from the surface, and even combatting winds up to 30km per hour.

These cutting-edge drones represent a breakthrough in the cleaning industry, able to clean both glass and facades, while minimising the risk, time and issues of access inherent in traditional façade cleaning.

Powered by rechargeable batteries, using minimal water and with no harsh chemicals required, the KTV Working Drone also reveals a more sustainable alternative, all the while maintaining asset value and standard.

FAMASO is the first company in Australia to be granted a Window & Façade Cleaning drone licenses by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, and their plans for innovation aren’t stopping. KTV drones are looking to expand to functions such as painting and inspections in the future, leveraging advanced sensors and AI-driven algorithms.

We are excited to explore all the benefits of risk management, timesaving, cost-cutting and footprint-reduction which these drones could bring to our properties.

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