How a dedicated handover team supports developers.

The establishment of an Owners Corporation is an involved process. Doing it incorrectly or missing key deadlines can have real consequences for your project and purchasers, including the delaying of settlements. Partnering with a trusted and experienced Owners Corporation Manager from the early stages of your project will ensure the Owners Corporation is correctly established
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The technological initiatives attracting apartment buyers.

More than ever before, buyers are looking for innovative features to make their homes more efficient and convenient. Developers who include these technological initiatives are able to attract buyers more easily and secure their reputation as an industry leader. Many of these initiatives also help achieve a more harmonious and cost-effective Owners Corporation through improved
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Developer Day Out 2019.

On Oaks Day, 7 November 2019, The Knight hosted our first ever ‘Developer Day Out’ event. About Developer Day Out. Through our partnerships with some of Australia’s most renowned developers we have had the opportunity to work on some of the most ambitious, luxurious and esteemed developments around Melbourne. Developer Day Out is our way
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Elwood House by Woods Bagot

Building better apartments in neighbourhoods.

The government has announced changes to the planning rules for apartment developments, with a focus on the relationship between new apartment developments and the amenity of existing neighbourhoods. A discussion paper has been prepared which outlines some potential changes and explores five policy aims for new apartment developments, including the need for green space, high
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The future of mobility and energy: electric car sharing launches in Melbourne.

EQ Towers trial Australia’s first electric car sharing service. Last month, Australian start-up company Ohmie launched Australia’s first residential electric car sharing service in Melbourne’s EQ Tower. The ‘Ohmie Go’ initiative is a partnership between Ohmie, car manufacturer Hyundai and Australia’s leading EV charging company, JET Charge. The model is something JET Charge founder, Tim
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Common Property design mistakes to avoid

Common mistakes to avoid when designing apartments.

Thinking about Common Property and how it will be used could help you avoid some embarrassing (and costly) mistakes. There are many important factors that go into the design of a new residential building. Developers and Architects will consider things such as the cost of materials, the environmental impact of the build and the health
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