The Knight Community Grant: The Eastbourne

On Sunday 18 April 2021 – after months of delays, and a slight change in plans – the community at The Eastbourne were finally able to put their community grant from The Knight to use for their post-lockdown residents celebration.

The Eastbourne Committee were one of four buildings to receive one of our annual grants for community building early in 2020. Whilst restrictions had already begun, and many applications revolved around a ‘post-COVID celebration’, none of us could have predicted how long we would be waiting to bring the plans to fruition.

Held at the Richmond Union Bowling Club, nearly 50 neighbours gathered to share in an afternoon of drinks, barefoot bowling and a bit of healthy neighbourly competition. The afternoon was filled with cheers and laughter, with even one instance of spectator interference not able to bring down the spirits.

A young spectator wanting to join in on the action.

Residents were split into 5 teams, with prizes available for the winner out of each group, and each attendee received a raffle ticket for the big prize draw at the end of the afternoon.

The Knight’s Community Grants are a way to encourage our buildings to implement community-building initiatives, recognising the multitude of benefits of a healthy community of residents within an Owners Corporation.

It was certainly evident throughout the day that The Eastbourne has managed to build a thriving community, one where residents consider their neighbours as friends, and where there is a real sense of pride to call the building home.

We would like to thank the residents at The Eastbourne, firstly for applying for a grant to put this event together, and secondly for having us along on the day to share in the fun.

And a huge congratulations also to the Social Subcommittee for organising such a successful event, one which we have no doubt will have residents eagerly awaiting the next.

The Knight’s community building grants.

The benefits of a strong community within an Owners Corporation include increased security, reduced tenant turn over, and improved resident well being. While as Owners Corporation Managers, our main role is to facilitate the management of common property, we strongly believe that we also have a role to play in the facilitation of a strong community spirit.

This is why each year The Knight awards grants to Committees looking to implement a community building initiative at their property. Previous initiatives have ranged from Christmas in July celebrations to Trick or Treating and all sharing the common goal of getting neighbours together to get to know each other better.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page, and be sure to be subscribed to our newsletter to find out about the upcoming application process, and how The Knight could help your Committee with community building in 2021.

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