Owners Corporation Services for Developers

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The Knight offers the following services to developers:

Professional Owners Corporation Advice.

With experience gained over two decades we can provide professional advice to Developers in relation to all Owners Corporation matters. Whether this be providing feedback on the design of common property, recommending how the Owners Corporation should be structured or providing advice on the best approach to handing over a staged development.

Review of architectural and property services plans.

Based upon our experience managing properties of various configurations we have an excellent understanding as to what works when it comes to the layout and design of common property and building services. On a number of occasions, we’ve provided feedback to Developers that has resulted in common property layout being altered to benefit how the property operates.

Review of plan of subdivision and Owners Corporation(s) structure.

The Plan of Subdivision indicates the common property that an Owners Corporation is responsible for. Majority of the time we agree with how a Plan has been prepared, however sometimes changes can be made that will result in an Owners Corporation being managed more effectively. If required we’re able to liaise with the land surveyor responsible for the Plan to ensure the best solution is achieved.

Preparation of Owners Corporation budget and fee schedule.

The Knight takes pride in providing accurate and detailed Owners Corporation budgets for new developments. We seek quotations from relevant service providers, as well as review properties of similar size and configuration within our portfolio to ensure costs are accurate. In addition to the budget we will prepare a schedule listing of the Owners Corporation fees for each Lot.

Preparation and/or review of Owners Corporation rules.

We’ve seen plenty of Owners Corporation Rules in our time and therefore The Knight is well positioned to provide Owners Corporation Rules customised to your development.

Preparation of information booklets for owners and occupiers.

We encourage all our Developer Clients to provide information booklets to both owners and occupiers so that they know where facilities are located and how to operate equipment. The Knight is able to assist with the preparation of information booklets for your development.

Facilitate establishment of the Owners Corporation.

An Owners Corporation is officially established once the Plan of Subdivision is registered and the inaugural general meeting is held. We’re able to facilitate the establishment of the Owners Corporation by undertaking the following:

  • Arrange Owners Corporation insurance
  • Convene and hold Inaugural General Meeting
  • Prepare Owners Corporation Certificates
  • Arrange ABN and TFN
  • GST registration (if applicable)
  • Set up of bank account
  • Obtain Owners Corporation seal
  • Tender and engage service contractors

Facilitate handover from Developer to Owners Corporations and its members.

Once the Owners Corporation has been established and Practical Completion has been achieved it is time to handover the property from the Developer to the Owners Corporation and its members. We’re able to facilitate the handover by undertaking the following:

  • Arrange purchaser information event
  • Manage move in of occupiers
  • Convene and hold Special General Meeting to elect
  • Committee of Management
  • Defect liability period management

Management of the Owners Corporation.

The Knight manages Owners Corporation from small to large, simple to complex. We have built our experience based upon 25 plus years of extensive hands on involvement. Accordingly, we understand what Owners Corporations want, just ask The Domain at 1 Albert Road, Melbourne, where we have held the continuous management since 1995.