The Knight appoints Training & Sustainability Manager.

The Knight is proud to share news of the appointment of Alex Smale to the role of Training & Sustainability Manager.

This newly created role will provide support and training to our team and ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry in both service levels and knowledge.

Importantly, Alex will be focussed on training our team so that they can better support our Owners Corporations and streamline the process of undertaking sustainability works at their buildings.

In addition, Alex will focus on The Knight’s internal sustainability initiatives. This involves chairing our Sustainability Subcommittee, implementing internal cultural changes, and overseeing our journey to becoming a carbon neutral company.

The Knight’s commitment to sustainability.

In 2021, The Knight are taking big steps to become a more sustainable business. We have formed our Sustainability Subcommittee to effect cultural change throughout the business and encourage small but impactful behavioural changes within our team.

Some small items already achieved include the disuse of all single-use plastic at social events, the provision of Keep Cups for every team member and the implementation of an e-waste collection & drop off to ensure all our e-waste is correctly disposed of.

Furthermore, we have begun our journey to become the first carbon neutral Owners Corporation Management company in Australia, a goal we plan to achieve by the end of the next financial year.

However, all of this is just one half of the equation.

Improving the access to, and understanding of, the opportunities available to our clients is our real goal. Sustainability in Strata can be complex and confusing, and too often, the desired outcomes are not achieved simply because there is no clear path to achieve them.

We want every Owners Corporation we manage to feel empowered to make improvements at their properties. To reduce their carbon footprint and future-proof their building from rising energy costs and changing consumer expectations.

Our vision is to be a trusted advisor to our clients in this space, providing support and knowledge to help them achieve their sustainability goals, and the appointment of Alex Smale as our Training & Sustainability Manager is the first step towards this goal.

About Alex Smale.

Alex joined The Knight at the start of 2019. She has over 5 years of industry experience and an impressive career trajectory which proves her aptitude and dedication to the Strata industry.

In 2020, Alex was awarded Victorian Owners Corporation Manager of the Year at the Strata Community Association VIC Awards for Excellence, and also won the national Essay Award in 2021 for her exploration of strata as a form of government.

She is a passionate advocate for better outcomes for Owners Corporations, particularly in the fields of community building and sustainability, often providing written articles to industry publications to share her expertise and insights.

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