Types of Certificates.

General Certificate.

A general certificate will show policy information for your Owners Corporation which confirms that the property is insured, and the policy is up to date.

General Certificates of Currency cost $47.95 (including GST)

Please consider your request carefully, no refunds will be given for orders placed via this form.

Alternatively, you can find a copy of the Certificate of Currency in your My Property account at no cost.

Lot Specific Certificate.

A lot specific certificate is often required when lenders request a certificate of currency noting them as a ‘mortgagee’ or ‘interested party’ on the insurance policy.

If you are unsure which type of certificate you require, please query this with the party you are providing the certificate to.

Requests for personalised certificates will be handled by your insurance broker.

A lot specific request may be subject to charges from your insurance broker. The Knight does not set, nor receive this fee.