Sustainable Strata: An Evening with The Knight 2021

On 21 July 2021, The Knight held our annual information evening, An Evening with The Knight.

The evening was set to be our return to in-person events after a year in lockdown. Unfortunately, Melbourne’s snap lockdown meant a last-minute pivot to a virtual format, but a pivot that proved to be a huge success.

This year, in line with our focus on becoming a more sustainable company, we decided to focus on the theme of ‘Sustainable Strata’.

The event set a record for both registrations and attendance in the 5-year history of this event, proving just how much interest there is in the topic.

We also explored the upcoming changes to the Owners Corporations Act, ahead of their implementation from December 1.

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Sustainable Strata: panel discussion.

Our panel was made up of 4 experts in the sustainability space. We were joined by the CEO of the Melbourne Waste and Resource Recovery Group, Jillian Riseley, as well as Peter Mercouriou from the Yarra Energy Foundation.

We were also lucky enough to be joined by two valued clients of The Knight, Committee Members and passionate strata Owners, Peter ‘PK’ Kaylor and David Hamilton.

Jill took us through the importance of recycling and correct disposal of waste, plus the work which councils are doing to reduce our reliance on landfills across the state.

Peter spoke about the variety of options available to apartment dwellers when looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and how the services of energy consultants can simplify the equation for Owners Corporations.

Tying in closely with this, we heard from PK who has successfully secured approval for the installation of solar at his 30-lot property in Fitzroy. PK provided his insights from the process, and how he went about getting approval for a project historically considered too difficult for Owners Corporations to achieve.

And finally, we heard from another sustainability champion, this time a Committee Member and electric vehicle expert, David Hamilton. David has successfully overseen the impressive project of retrofitting electric vehicle charging points into the private car spaces in his 400+ lot building in Southbank.

Watch the recording below to be inspired about creating a greener future at your Owners Corporation:

Upcoming changes to the OC Act with CLP Lawyers.

Our second presentation for the evening was by prominent Owners Corporation Lawyer, Mark Lipshutz of CLP Lawyers.

Providing an update to his presentation at the 2019 An Evening with The Knight event, Mark took us through the key changes to the act for Owners and Committee Members to be aware of.

He also shared his perspective and predictions on how some of the changes will impact and affect both Owners Corporations and Owners Corporation Managers.

Watch Mark’s presentation to learn all about the key changes for you and your community to be aware of:

Our 2021 Sponsors.

We’d like to take this final opportunity to highlight and thank you 2021 sponsors. While this year’s event was unable to happen quite as we planned, their support enabled us to plan and execute a valuable and enjoyable evening for you.

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