New security risk for remote-controlled security gates.

How secure is your driveway gate?

Did you know that there are devices which can scan and copy the frequency of remote controls used to operate driveway gates from 50m away?

These devices are particularly effective with 125Khz (low frequency) fobs and are readily available for purchase online. This creates a concerning security risk for properties using this type of fob to open remote controlled gates.

Using such a device, an unknown party could easily gain access to common property to target vehicles and mailboxes, jeopardising residents’ belongings, and sensitive information.

The team at Brave Security have shared a few alternative options which Owners Corporations can consider, if concerned about this potential risk.

Keypad Entry Systems

As the name suggests, Keypad Entry Systems require residents, trades and authorised personnel to enter a unique code to gain access.

Not only is this more secure, but it will allow the OC to remove external key safes, which can often be broken into and provide further security risk.

Swipe card readers in driveways

In these systems, each resident is issued a unique fob or card that must be swiped to activate the gate. Some systems even allow for Bluetooth reading from a larger distance which means residents don’t need to wind down their window and touch the fob to the reader.

Number Plate Recognition

Cameras can be installed for scanning licence plates at the gate, to only allow access to registered/authorised plates. Plates can also be added for a period to allow contractors to gain access if required, and then removed at the conclusion of a job.

Surveillance Cameras

Cameras both help deter potential intruders, while also providing valuable evidence in the event of a security breach.

While there may be costs involved in implementing these measures, if an Owners Corporation is looking to improve the safety, security and amenity provided to residents, assessing the driveway gate may be a great place to start.

Speak with your Owners Corporation Manager if you wish to arrange a review of current security protocols.