Celebrating a decade of dedication: Dianne Burton takes on Training & Development role.

Recognising and nurturing talent within The Knight has always been a key focus. Today, we are thrilled to celebrate the remarkable journey and achievements of Dianne Burton, who has been promoted into the role of Training & Development Manager, marking a significant milestone in her nearly decade-long tenure with our company.

Dianne has been an invaluable asset to our team since 2014. Over the years, she has exhibited unwavering dedication and an unparalleled commitment to excellence, both in her own work, and in outcomes for her clients. Her tenure reflects her pursuit of personal and professional growth, as well as her steadfast determination to contribute meaningfully to The Knight’s success.

This was evidenced by her win in the Strata Community Manager category at the 2022 SCA Victoria Awards for Excellence, going on to represent The Knight at the national awards in the same category. In her submission for the award, Dianne expressed,

“I would like to develop my reputation as the go to manager within my company for training and knowledge of our systems. Fundamentally, I have realised that my passion is for educating others on strata.”

We are so pleased to nurture this passion and formalise this reputation through this appointment.

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In her new role in Training & Development, Dianne will leverage her extensive experience and expertise to empower our team members to reach their full potential. With a keen understanding of our company’s culture, values, and objectives, she is poised to design and implement innovative training programs that not only increase skills but also foster a culture of learning and curiosity.

Dianne has always strived to stay abreast of the latest industry and technological advancements, making it her mission to wholeheartedly embrace new systems. She dives headfirst into learning and understanding all updates, ensuring she not only learns the intricacies, but can leverage them to enhance her efficiency and effectiveness. It is this drive we are excited to see Dianne share with our team.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, please join us in extending congratulations to Dianne. Her promotion is a well-deserved recognition of her hard work, commitment, and contributions to The Knight. We look forward to seeing her excel in her new role, continue to inspire those around her, and the invaluable contributions she will undoubtedly make to our team and organization as a whole.