Our 2024 Australian Knight

“Providing a fighting chance to live a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.”

HeartKids are Australia’s leading Childhood-onset Heart Disease (CoHD) charity, bringing care, connection and compassion to those living with CoHD and are the only not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and advocating for families impacted by CoHD.

As CoHD is for life, HeartKids are a companion for every step of the journey, making holistic care possible with access to tailored information, resources, and support.

For over 40 years, HeartKids has stood side by side with families on their CoHD journeys. Today, they support and advocate for the over 80,000 Australian children, teens, and adults impacted by CoHD.

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Meet Amy & Helen.

Amy and Helen are HeartKids’ compassionate Support Coordinators in Victoria, dedicated to weaving a tapestry of care, comfort and connection for families in need.

More than mere presence at the hospital; they attend to the small but significant needs of families, from haircuts to birthday cakes, fostering a sense of community, no matter how far from home.

We are proud to honour them as this year’s Australian Knights.

How you can get involved.


What is our Australian Knight Award?

Each year, our team nominate worthy recipients for our Australian Knight Award; those who have demonstrated the qualities of a knight, like bravery, selflessness, and leadership.

From these nominees, all staff then select who they believe to be the worthiest recipient. The winner receives a $15,000 donation and is celebrated as our chosen ‘Australian Knight’ for the year.

We have run our Australian Knight campaign since 2010 and donated over $140,000 to charities across Australia.

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