The future of the development industry – sustainability, community & profit.

At The Knight we strive to be thought leaders within the Owners Corporation industry, constantly sharing and expanding upon our knowledge base.

As part of this, we are constantly looking to the thought leaders around us for inspiration and guidance and December 3rd was an afternoon filled with such inspiration.

Firstly, we attended the UDIA End of Year celebration in the Jinding Developments office in the Rialto Tower focused on the themes of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency. Projects which achieved an EnviroDevelopment verification were recognised and the increased push towards sustainability within the industry was observed.

We then rounded out the evening by attending a free talk at the newly unveiled MPavillion, hosted by Small Giants Developments. The panel discussed how developers can reimagine the development industry and be facilitators to thriving communities.

UDIA End of Year Celebration – Sustainability & Energy Efficiency.

In partnership with EnviroDevelopment, this event was to celebrate a year of achievements for the UDIA and congratulate newly certified EnviroDevelopment projects in Victoria for their commitment to excellence.

Also providing insight over the afternoon were representatives from Solar Victoria and Scorecard at DELWP. The common themes discussed were how sustainability features, such as a Scorecard rating or solar panels, can attract a premium for a project while also benefiting the environment.

As we head into 2020 it is great to see the industry moving in the right direction, and the market demand for sustainable homes continuing to rise.

Small Giants Developments – The Philosophy of Developments.

Part of a packed line up at Glenn Murcutt’s 2019 MPavillion this summer, this panel discussion hosted by Small Giants Developments focused on the philosophy of developments and the triple bottom line – community, profit and the planet.

The panel was made up of Abbie Freestone of Assemble, Maitiú Ward of Foreground, Tim Riley of Property Collectives and Vicki Likoudis of Small Giants Developments.

With such varied experience and perspectives, the panel were able to provide amazing insight on the history of the industry, the current tensions within in, and ultimately where it is moving – towards a future where community and the planet are considered in equal weight with profits.

At The Knight, we believe the Owners Corporation has a role to play in the establishment & encouragement of a sense of community within a property. Find out more about our work in building community in the properties we manage here.