Our 2015 Australian Knight

Every Australia Day, staff at The Knight recognise a worthy recipient(s), for our ‘Australian Knight’ award, who has demonstrated qualities that personify those of a Knight. 

This year, we wish to acknowledge Rosie Batty as a courageous Australian mother; our Australian of the Year, our Australian Knight. 

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The Knight donated $10,000 to the Luke Batty Foundation

Rosie Batty’s Bio

There would be not one of us who does not know about the horrific circumstances which has made the name Luke Batty synonymous with domestic violence and Rosie Batty a crusader for profiling domestic violence as an abhorrence within our society; perhaps something we should have already
known. Rosie Batty is the epitome of courage and strength.

Literally scores of heartfelt letters were received by Rosie in her time of greatest need including many poems. With the approval of Rosie one such poem is reproduced here:

The magical sports field
Written by K. Barton

Luke please know, as we all here are left to ponder,
There is a beautiful green field, which is way up in yonder.
There is a special illuminated pitch, that runs along the middle,
That would be fit for cricketers, such as Johnson and Siddle.
Angels light up the sightscreens, and you can field anywhere,
Square leg, Gully, Point, or in Slips if you care.
The stumps are set up and bails too, it’s all here waiting for you.
You can bowl and bat and do what you love,
Take wickets, hit sixes or wear keeper’s gloves.
When we leave this world, the magical sports field is there.
For children who love sport, and we know cricket was your flair.
We know you will be thinking of your mum, when you play on this field,
Make many runs for her darling, she was your earthly shield.
She loved you and protected you, the best that she could,
She loved you more than anything, like any mother should.
Your teammates and community are missing you too,
They are so heart broken and don’t know what to do.
We know you are now your mum’s angel and right by her side,
Acting in spirit, as her special guide.
We know you’ll be with your mates, next time they take the turf,
Helping them take catches, take wickets and running a tons worth!
Wishing them the best and supporting them to try,
From the magical sports field up there in the sky……….
Rest In Peace Luke.

The lesson that we all must learn from what happened at Tyabb on February 12, 2014 is that domestic violence is omnipresent damaging victims mentally and physically and most especially children whose lives are altered forever.

Don’t let this happen! Make a stand against domestic violence. Report it! Challenge it! Speak up against it! But most importantly never condone it!