The Knight Community Grant: M1 Urban.

Owners and Residents Lunch

On the 23rd of March, a lunch was held by the Owners Corporation at M1 Urban in Preston as a way to meet the neighbours and build a sense of community within the building. The committee at M1 Urban put on a delicious spread and invited not only all owners but also all residents to attend.

The event was a huge success, with residents of all ages (and species) attending, including The Knight’s own Senior Owners Corporation Manager, Melody. Account Manager, Madre also attended and said, “everyone was welcomed…it was particularly impressive to see the committee in action and how much they care for the building.”

It is clear that M1 Urban is more than just a building to the residents and owners who live there. The Committee at M1 Urban are proof that an Owners Corporation can be so much more than managers of common property, but facilitators of a community spirit that benefits all residents and owners alike.

The Knight is proud to be a part of such communities.

Benefits of a strong community:

  • Strong social interaction makes people happier
  • Friendship
  • Increased well being for occupiers
  • Increased pride of the property
  • Reduction in tenant turnover
  • Increased property security

Applications Now Open for The Knight 2019 Community Grant.

At The Knight we encourage a sense of community in the properties we manage and the best way to do this is for residents to get to know more of their neighbours.

Each year, The Knight pledges $3000 worth of grants to properties undertaking community building initiatives.

Examples of community building initiatives:

  • Establishment of a community garden/gardening club
  • Establishment of a book exchange
  • Recreational clubs (book, movie, running, walking, futsal/touch rugby, playing cards)
  • Health & fitness activities (yoga, meditation, pool aerobics, boot camp)
  • Establishment of bee hives on the building roof
  • Resident’s BBQ/picnic/potluck dinner/cooking classes
  • Movie night
  • Charity food drive
  • Board games evening
  • Football tipping competition
  • Function with a music performance and refreshments
  • Wine tasting evening
  • Karaoke night

Selection Criteria

  • A panel selected by The Knight will assess all applications and determine which ones are to be awarded grants.
  • Selection criteria include the reach and inclusivity of the initiative and judges will look favourably upon applications with the potential to involve all residents and/or owners at the property.
  • Applications that demonstrate commitment from the Owners Corporation and property residents (i.e. petition) to continue with similar community building initiatives will be assessed favourably.
  • Applications requesting funding from The Knight to purchase items or pay for works without a community component or ‘launch event’ will not be considered.

If you or your committee has an idea to help build community within your residence, applications are now open for the 2019 Community Grants.

Simply fill out and return this application form by the 31st of May, 2019.