The Knight appoints Owners Corporation Team Leader: Anand

We are pleased to announce Anand Balasubramanian as our new Team Leader.

Anand joined The Knight in October 2018 as an experienced Owners Corporation Manager.

Prior to entering the strata industry Anand had studied Mechanical Engineering, with a Masters in Facilities Management and 10 years’ experience in the field. This background has equipped Anand with strong financial management skills and the ability to solve even the most complex of problems, ensuring that all his properties are running smoothly.

We are excited for this next step in Anand’s strata journey, allowing him to provide mentoring and share his extensive expertise with the broader Owners Corporation Management team.

The role of our Team Leaders.

Our Team Leaders provide support, mentorship and guidance to our Owners Corporation Managers and Assistants. They ensure Manager’s workloads are achievable and help identify any areas for improvement.

They also act as an escalation point for both clients and Managers, ensuring that even the most complex of situations can be swiftly and comprehensively handled.

For clients, they ensure that no property is overlooked in times of staff leave or absence, and that Managers can provide the very best in service, with an additional layer of expertise and experience backing them up in every scenario.

By creating three teams, we have ensured that our Managers can receive all the support they need, and that our Team Leaders can understand the requirements of their Managers – and the clients they service – in detail.

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The Knight’s support structure.

Many other providers in the market appoint an Owners Corporation Manager to look after all aspects of an Owners Corporation. This includes owner and tenant enquiries, insurance and access matters, attending and minuting AGMs and dealing with all common property emergencies.

When there is a number of properties in a Manager’s portfolio, this becomes an unachievable task, resulting in items being missed, and Committees who are unsatisfied with their service.

The Knight is structured in a unique way, ensuring that no property is ever reliant solely on their Owners Corporation Manager.

We have support teams in place to handle enquiries, insurance, access and finance, freeing up the Manager to focus on urgent and strategic tasks, and provide better support to the Committee.

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