Gregor Evans talks all things Owners Corporations on 3WBC.

On Saturday 27 June, The Knight’s Managing Director, Gregor Evans was a guest on 3WBC’s ‘Bricks and Mortar‘ to discuss all things Owners Corporations (previously known as Body Corporates).

The segment covers many of the frequently asked questions by those new to living or owning in strata scheme including:

  • What an Owners Corporation is
  • What an Owners Corporation is responsible for
  • What do Owners Corporation levies cover and how are fees structured
  • Determining budgets and long term maintenance requirements
  • What makes a good Owners Corporation Manager and management company

Plus, Gregor shares a wealth of insight on how a plan of subdivision is made, how units of liability are assigned to each Lot and the importance of Owners Corporation Rules in avoiding disputes among Owners.

Listen now.

A special thank you to 3WBC for providing us with this clip of the show.

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