Accessibility & Discrimination in OCs: An Evening with The Knight 2022

On 31 August 2022, The Knight held our annual information evening, An Evening with The Knight.

Our headline topic this year was ‘Creating Inclusive Communities’ and focused on accessibility and discrimination within buildings.

We were joined by Bruce Bromley of Equal Access Group who shared his 30 years of expertise with us.

To round out the evening, our Managing Director, Gregor Evans provided clients with an update on the various economic challenges currently facing Owners Corporations and the strata sector.

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Creating inclusive communities.

Accessibility and discrimination in Owners Corporations.

Bruce has over 30 years of experience in disability access, architectural design, documentation, and project management. Bruce also specialises in evacuation procedures and policy for people with a disability.

Bruce formed Equal Access group in 2006 to provide assistance to building owners and managers on the impacts and practicalities of responding to their obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act.

In his presentation, Bruce shared with us all about disability access and discrimination within buildings. Watch the recording below:

Challenges facing the strata sector.

The economic pressures currently impacting Owners Corporations.

This topic was something a bit different from us, but which felt necessary given the multitude of pressures currently being faced by strata owners and staff alike.

We shed some light on the bigger picture of our industry, from COVID and supply chains through to staffing shortages, and provided insight into what we’re doing, and what Committees can consider to ease the burden.

You can watch the recording of Gregor’s presentation below:

Understanding the current insurance landscape.

Our second presentation for the evening was scheduled to be an update on the current insurance landscape with Renee Cassidy from Whitbread Insurance.

Unfortunately, Renee had lost her voice and was unable to present on the night.

However, she graciously agreed to record her presentation once recovered. Find the recording below.

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