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Address of New Owners.

Section 134 of the Owners Corporations Act states:

  1. A lot owner who sells a lot must advise the owners corporation of the name and address of the new owner within one month of the completion of the contract.
  2. A person who acquires a lot must advise the owners corporation of the person’s name and address within one month of the completion of the contract.

Australian Addresses.

As of 24th August 2011, overseas owners are required to provide an Australian address for service of notices. We refer you to Section 135 of the Owners Corporation Act, which states:

“(1) A lot owner who does not occupy the lot or who will be absent from the lot for more than 3 months must advise the owners corporation of the lot owner’s mailing address in Australia for service of notices and any changes to it as soon as possible.

(2) If an address in Australia has not been nominated under subsection (1), service may be effected-

(a) By posting the notice to the last known address of the lot owner in Australia; or

(b) if an address under paragraph (a) is not known or if a notice sent to that address is returned, in any other manner VCAT considers appropriate”

It is our suggestion that you arrange for notices to be received either by your Managing Agent or by a relative in Australia. Use the ‘Agent’s Details’ part of the form to provide the chosen Australian address.

Please note, you may choose to receive all correspondence & levies notices via email.

Should we not receive notification from you within 28 days, which is your legal requirement, you will be at risk of having your address amended as per the above, which could lead to penalty interest and debts being incurred and legal action being commenced against you.

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