How a dedicated handover team supports developers.

The establishment of an Owners Corporation is an involved process. Doing it incorrectly or missing key deadlines can have real consequences for your project and purchasers, including the delaying of settlements.

Partnering with a trusted and experienced Owners Corporation Manager from the early stages of your project will ensure the Owners Corporation is correctly established and provide complete peace of mind.

The Knight’s consultancy services to developers are designed to equip your team with additional support and technical expertise, making the Owners Corporation elements of the project simple and stress free. Plus, when you partner with The Knight you are appointed an entire team to assist on your project.

Who is The Knight?

The Knight is an Owners Corporation Management company servicing greater Melbourne and Geelong since 1995. With a portfolio of over 400 properties across Melbourne, varying from small to large and commercial to industrial, The Knight is equipped to handle the varied requirements of all types of Owners Corporation properties.

The Knight has worked with some of Melbourne’s leading developers on a variety of ambitious and esteemed projects. Our clients include GURNER, Mirvac, Frasers, Fortis and the list goes on.

In our portfolio we have 26 properties we’ve managed for 20 or more years, and a further 83 we’ve managed for 10+. Developing lasting relationships with our clients is our goal, and we do this by providing insight, acting with integrity, and delivering results.

Meet your dedicated handover team.

When you appoint The Knight, you are not simply appointing an Owners Corporation Manager to look after the building upon completion.

You are appointing a dedicated and award-winning handover team, in place to provide tailored support and assistance to your project team, from planning stages right through to settlements and beyond.

The experience of The Knight’s hand over team is second to none. The team is headed by Mariah Whitefoot who has been with The Knight for 10+ years and was recently awarded Support Team Member of the Year by the industry peak body, Strata Community Association Victoria. Working alongside Mariah is Developer Relationship Manager, Melissa De-Silva Jayasekera who has been with The Knight for 15 years and is an expert in the establishment of OCs, including drafting rules and preparing budgets. Both are supported by a team of 3 who provide support in the establishment and handover of Owners Corporations.

All are available to answer your emails and calls and provide their combined 25+ years of Owners Corporation and Property industry experience to you.

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Why you need a dedicated hand over team.

The last thing your team needs is to waste time following up and chasing the very provider you have appointed to make things easier.

At smaller, less established firms, you will likely be appointed an Owners Corporation Manager who has an entire portfolio of properties and their Committees, Building Managers, Real Estate Agents, Owners and Tenants to respond to each day.

Our handover team has only the properties being onboarded each month to answer to. This means you can expect us to deliver on all requirements, without competing against a portfolio of other properties for attention.

What the handover team provides.

A lot goes into the establishment of an Owners Corporation. It’s a process that demands care, attention to detail and time which your project team may not have an abundance of to spare.

This is what our team provides; along with the technical expertise to support you through every phase of your development.

Prior to project commencement our team will work with surveyors to confirm the plan of subdivision is fair for future Owners and can connect your team with our network of qualified, tried-and-tested contractors, ensuring the quality and appropriateness of services.

The handover team will work on drafting the Owners Corporation Rules, establishing budgets and fees, arranging insurance, reviewing all contracts and agreements, and arranging Owners Corporation Certificates.

As soon as practicable after the plan has registered, our team will host the Inaugural General Meeting, ensuring that all obligations of the Developer, as the initial owner, are met and that all documents required are provided in a timely manner to avoid any delays to settlement.

A settlement pack including OC Certificates, Annual Levy Notices and Minutes of the IGM is provided at not cost to you once settlements have occurred. Additionally, purchasers will receive an introduction pack to The Knight and we also host a Special General Meeting once the majority of lots have settled to introduce ourselves and form the Owners Corporation Committee.

The Knight will also play an active role in defects management once a project is complete, ensuring the work for your team in minimised and that purchasers feel supported through the process, helping to protect your reputation.

Appointing the wrong Owners Corporation Manager can result in headaches for your team and dissatisfaction for your purchasers, ultimately damaging your reputation. Appointing a Manager with a dedicated hand over team and company structure designed to support and educate clients will ensure this is avoided.

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