Feeding hungry Aussie kids with Eat Up.

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At the end of June, we had the pleasure of hosting our Australian Knight, Lyndon Galea from Eat Up Australia as he guided 25 of our team through a sandwich making marathon in our Caulfield office.

The morning started with many hands loading loaves of bread, margarine and sliced cheese from Eat Up’s trusty van, Norma into our sunny break room. From here, Lyndon taught us to become a polished production line for the humble cheese sandwich. Everyone was assigned a role, from spreader, to wrapper, to stacker, and together, we made over 1000 sandwiches in under an hour.

The session was an eye-opening experience, showcasing just how many kids are turning up to school each day without lunch to fuel their growing bodies and minds. We’re proud to support such an amazing organisation that is making a real difference in the lives of Australian children.

Who are Eat Up?

After reading that kids were going hungry at school in his hometown of Shepparton in 2013, Lyndon pinched what he could from his Mum’s cupboards and started making sandwiches to drop to the schools mentioned in the article.

Today, Eat Up feeds hungry kids at over 650 schools across the country and has delivered over 2.5 million lunches and counting.

You can learn more, and find out ways to support this great cause, over at the Eat Up website.

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What is the Australian Knight award?

Each year, staff at The Knight select a worthy recipient for our Australian Knight Award; someone who has demonstrated qualities that personify those of a Knight, including bravery, selflessness, and leadership.

The Knight donates $10,000 to the winner’s charity and celebrates them as our chosen ‘Australian Knight’.

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