What you need to know:

  • Simple and secure set up via DEFT
  • Nominate the bank account your levies will be deducted from
  • Total amount will automatically be deducted 3 business days prior to the last payment date
  • Receive processing notifications and payment receipts directly from DEFT
  • Any outstanding fees at the time of registration completion will be debited up to 3 days prior to the fee due date
  • Please be aware: there is a $10,000 maximum limit placed on direct debit charges. Please do not set up direct debit where quarterly levies are (or can be expected to be) over this amount.

The benefits of Direct Debit:

  • Never miss another invoice from your Owners Corporation
  • Automated payments mean no more interest or late payment fees
  • No more reminder text messages and emails from The Knight

Submitting this form is the first step of the registration process. You will need to complete the registration as instructed by DEFT and will receive email confirmation when registration is complete.

Any overdue fees* or unpaid interest charges at the time of registration will be debited in 3 days’ time. The day you complete registration with DEFT is considered Day 0 and the funds will be debited on the morning of Day 3.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your bank account at this time.

*Overdue fees are considered to be fees that have passed their due date.

Register for Direct Debit.

  • The address of the Owners Corporation for which you are setting up direct debit.
  • This will be used to send you processing notifications and payment receipts.