Motions to be voted on:

1. Pursuant to section 12 of the Owners Corporations Act, the Owners Corporation is authorised to;

  • provide a service to the lot owners or occupiers of lots
  • to enter into agreements for the provision of services to lot owners or occupiers of lots in relation to the solar energy system.
  • Owners Corporation may require a lot owner or occupier to whom a service has been provided to pay for the costs in providing the service to the lot owner or occupier.

2. Pursuant to section 52 of the Act, the Owners Corporation is authorised to enter into a Funding Agreement and do all things necessary to give effect to the Funding Agreement, including to accept the Final Quote for the purchase and installation of the Eligible System. Pursuant to s.49, the Owners Corporation will levy each lot owner for the costs associated with the eligible system.

3. The Owners Corporation resolves to authorise and delegate to the Committee of the Owners Corporation all powers and authority required to administer, execute and facilitate the practical implementation of the solar energy system.

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  • Forms submitted after 5pm Wednesday 29 May will be ruled invalid
  • Votes will be tabulated according to the unit and proxies nominated by the voter in this form (regardless of any other units they own or proxies they hold).
  • Owners are advised that they have the right to appoint a proxy for this ballot. Download the proxy form here.
  • Rama Murugesu is the returning Secretary for this ballot

Solar for Apartments – Funding Agreement Ballot.

If you have a separately titled carpark, also include that.
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