My Property Portal

Watch this handy video that walks you through the updated features and benefits of the My Property portal. And follow on below for step-by-step instructions on how to register, log in and complete important tasks.

My Property log in.

You can access My Property via the ‘My Property login’ button in the top navigation of this website, or via the ‘Quick Links’ sidebar on the left hand side. You can also bookmark this page for easy access.

To access your portal, all you need is the plan number of your Owners Corporation. The best way to find your plan number is to check your levy notice from The Knight. See below example:

My Property landing page.

Once you have entered your plan number via the pop up on our website, or the portal frontpage, you will be taken to the landing page for your Owners Corporation.

This landing page can be accessed by anyone with the plan number, and holds general information about your property, such as public notices, documents, building facilities and contact information for your Owners Corporation and/or Building Manager.

It is from this landing page that you can register your account, and log in as an Owner or Committee Member for greater access and information.

How to register your account.

To access the full range of features and information, you will need to register an account. By registering we can determine if you are an Owner or a Committee Member and provide the appropriate level of access.

Simply visit this page and enter your property’s plan number (see above if unsure) to be taken to your property’s landing page.

Once on the landing page, to start your registration simply click the ‘Register’ button in the top navigation bar. Fill out the registration form, and our team will verify your details and activate your account. You will receive an email when your login is ready.

Logging in.

Once you have registered you will be able to login from the landing page.

Owners have access to functionality such as making requests, accessing documents such as levy notices and meeting minutes, and viewing fee statements.

You can also click your display name in the top right-hand corner to access your profile. From your profile page you can update your contact details, and register pets, emergency contacts and vehicles to your lot.

Committee Member functionality.

If you are a Committee Member you are able to access additional information and functionality within the My Property portal.

Under the ‘Committee’ heading of the main navigation, you will find documents, the names of the Committee and Action Items.

From the ‘Reports’ heading, a whole host of important reports can be accessed, including a Financial Snapshot, Balance Sheet, Revenue & Expense statements and more.

External Approvers.

External Approvers have the ability to view, approve and reject invoices for the OC. If you wish to be an External Approver for your property, speak with your Owners Corporation Manager.

We will be able to set up your External Approver profile and provide you with login details. Once set up, simply click ‘Approvals’ in the main navigation bar on the landing page, and then ‘Approver Login’.

Approve or Reject Invoices.

  1. Click View Invoice and compare the current invoice Details to the contents of the invoice .pdf file
  2. [Optional] Click View Work Order to open a copy of the work order assigned to the expense (if applicable)
  3. Click Approve or Decline as appropriate, noting a reason for declining needs to be entered in Your Comments
  4. The record will change colour depending on the selection, i.e. green for Approved and Red for Declined
  5. Repeat for all invoices in the queue


  1. Select ‘Approvals’ from the Navigation Menu and click ‘View History’
  2. Enter a From Date and a To Date
  3. [Optional] Select a Creditor to filter the results, if required
  4. Click Search
  5. Results will be displayed in a screen similar to the Dashboard screen, where the user can click within the blue outlines of each invoice record to display the details of that invoice