Resolutions to be voted on:

Proposed Special Resolution (Make significant alterations and perform works on behalf of owner)

By Special Resolution, the Owners Corporation (RP 9651)

  1. Agrees to make a significant alteration to the external appearance of the building in changing the roof from tiles to colorbond in Monument color to match the fence and obtain any permits necessary to do so.
  2. Agrees for the OC to perform works on behalf of owners in carrying out replacement of the timber windows with double glazed aluminium windows in Monument color and obtain any permits necessary to do so.

Proposed Special Resolution (Raise Funds more than twice the Annual Budget)

  1. raise levies more than twice the Annual Budget for the window and roof replacement works.

Proposed Special Resolution (Borrowing of Funds for Building Repairs and modifications)

By Special Resolution, the Owners Corporation (RP 9651)

  1. is authorised by Section 25 of the Owners Corporation Act to borrow money for the purpose of carrying out building rectification works.
  2. enters into and executes a loan agreement with Macquarie Bank Limited (ABN 46 008 583 542, Australian Credit License 237502) for $550,000.00 for a five (5) year period. (The indicative interest rate is 6.5% -TBC)
  3. that the loan agreement be executed in accordance with the Owners Corporation Act by at least 2 committee members who are owners and that the common seal be affixed in their presence.
  4. acknowledges that the Macquarie Credit Guide (Business Banking) and information flyer were supplied with this ballot.
  5. that the members of the Owners Corporation approve the raising of additional levies when necessary to ensure the Owners Corporation can perform its obligations to repay amounts due under the loan agreement.
  6. Authorise that any other documents required to be executed on behalf of the Owners Corporation in connection with the loan may be signed by at least 2 committee members

RP 9651 Maintenance Work

Unless voting as proxy, ALL owners of the lot must be named above
Lump Sum or Monthly Payments(Required)
In addition to the above, with respect to owners paying loan payments in a lump sum, a Strata Improvement Loan will be linked to the Owners Corporation account and will be debited for principal & interest each month. Each owner will be invoiced quarterly and can make lump sum contributions if they wish (no early payout fee applies). Accordingly, the interest is calculated from the outstanding amount of the loan. The principal amount is paid by the owners and if additional payments are made, this will reduce interest payable. As an indication only of which units would prefer to make a lump sum payment as opposed to monthly payments, please tick the following boxes:
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