The Knight Appoints Training & Development Manager.

Congratulations to Alex McCormick, our newly appointed Training & Development Manager.

Here at The Knight, something we value very highly is the training and development of our staff. We like to offer every opportunity for staff to develop their professional and personal skills, setting aside time and money to equip our team with necessary tools to excel.

In a constantly changing industry, we recognised the importance of someone in our team dedicated to providing training and support to our staff, ensuring we stay at the forefront of the industry and continue to provide leading service levels to our clients.

We are so pleased to announce the promotion of Alex McCormick, who during his time with us in the role of Owners Corporation Manager has provided countless hours of training and guidance to the broader team, on top of his diligent efforts with his own portfolio. Alex will continue to manage a small number of properties alongside his new responsibilities.

Alex has over 7 years of experience in the complex and demanding role of Owners Corporation Manager, and with his background in Law has the skills required to stay abreast of the Owners Corporation Act and ensure compliance in all our proceedings, whilst teaching best-practice methods to the team.

Representatives of The Knight have recently been working alongside Strata Community Association (SCA) Victoria to implement a framework of non-negotiable skills required of Strata Managers. Part of Alex’s role will be the implementation of this framework internally, solidifying our position as an industry leading provider of Owners Corporation Management services.

We work hard every day to improve the reputation and quality of service within the Strata Management industry and are proud to have taken this next step. It is a direction we hope to see all Owners Corporation Managers across the state taking, ensuring better outcomes for Owners and better recognition for the great work that Strata Managers do.

Thank you, Alex for all that you have already given the team, and congratulations on your new role.