A simple guide to Owners Corporation resolutions.

In this article we explain the different types of Owners Corporation resolutions and which type of resolution is required for common Owners Corporation decisions. What is a resolution? A resolution is a legally binding written and recorded decision made by an owners corporation either at a meeting or by ballot. Ordinary resolutions. Most resolutions made
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OC Act Updates: all the key changes.

The Owners Corporations & Other Acts Amendment Act came into effect from the 1st December 2021. The OC Act updates contain a wide range of changes affecting the functions and responsibilities of Owners Corporations and key stakeholders. In this blog post we have collected 23 key updates and explained them in simple terms, with easy
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Essential Safety Measures

The following content has been prepared and provided by the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) When the construction of a building is complete, the building owner is responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, particularly its safety features or essential safety measures. The maintenance of essential safety measures will ensure that important safety systems within the building
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What is an Owners Corporation

What is an Owners Corporation?

What is an Owners Corporation? Strata titled properties in Australia have assets (property, services) that no single private lot owner has individual responsibility and/or authority for. Examples include corridors, communal lighting, a shared roof and so on. Within Victoria, Owners Corporations are legal entities created by the registration of Plans of Subdivision. The Plan of
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Defects Management - Strata Insights

Defects Management

In Victoria, statutory protections exist in place to protect both private property owners and Owners Corporations from building defects. Download Defects Management Fact Sheet > Building works may constitute a building defect when they do not comply with one of; Building Contract Statutory Warranties as set out in section 8 of the Domestic Building Contracts
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Water Ingress - Strata Insights

Water ingress, leaks & burst pipes.

Water ingress is an unfortunate feature of property ownership and maintenance. When owning and/or living in an Owners Corporation, the lines can often be blurred and complicated regarding the cause of water ingress, the responsibility for repair and the liability for damage. Download the Water Ingress Fact Sheet > At first instance, please always contact
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Complaints Handling - Strata Insights

Complaints handling within an Owners Corporation

One of the aspects of owning and/or living within an Owners Corporation that may be new and challenging to many people is being much more closely situated to immediate neighbours than you may have been previously in a non-strata dwelling, i.e. a stand alone house. Whether due to this closer proximity, different lifestyles, or differences
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Incident Management - Strata Insights

Incident Management

As an owner or occupier within an Owners Corporation property, different situations may arise that are distinct from owning or living in a residence on private title. Download Incident Management fact sheet > In recent times, the events of Opal Tower and Mascot Towers in Sydney NSW, and national discussion regarding flammable cladding have had
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