Resolutions to be voted on:

1. Window Replacement
Proposed Special Resolution: That the Owners Corporation replaces the existing dilapidated windows with new windows. The Owners Corporation is to delegate responsibility to the Committee to negotiate costs with Innovative Windows or other relevant Window contractors to allow partial works to commence for the sum of up to $100,000 inc GST. Contractors are to be contacted again once the $100,000 inc GST Special Levy has been collected to complete the second stage of the replacement project.

2. Window Replacement Special Levy
Proposed Special Resolution: That the Owners Corporation utilise funds available (or part thereof) to fund the replacement of the existing dilapidated timber windows. A Special Levy of $100,000 is to be raised to cover the shortfall of funds based on the quotation provided by Innovative Windows.


  • Resolution 1 & 2 are part of the same motion
  • Forms submitted after 10:00 am on the 17th of May 2022 will be ruled invalid
  • Votes will be tabulated according to the unit and proxies nominated by the voter in this form (regardless of any other units they own or proxies they hold)
  • Owners are advised that they have the right to appoint a proxy for this ballot. Download the proxy form here.
  • Tania Kanadi is the returning Secretary for this ballot

OCRP5958 Special Resolution

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