Employers must notify WorkSafe of COVID-19 cases: what this means for OCs.

Commencing 28 July 2020, new regulations require an Employer to notify WorkSafe immediately upon becoming aware of a Worker with a confirmed coronavirus diagnosis who has attended the workplace during the infectious period.

It is important to note that an OC may be deemed an ’employer’ where it directly employs someone to assist with carrying out it’s functions, and/or engages independent contractors and their employees.

The common property may be a ‘workplace’ where an OC’s employee, independent contractor, or their employee, steps on to it to undertake works.

Failing to notify WorkSafe under section 38 of the OHS Act can lead to fines of up to $39,652 for an individual or $198,264 for a body corporate.

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It is recommended that visitors to your property register their attendance.

The DHHS have recommended a record be kept of all who visit a multi-dwelling property for more than 15 minutes. This includes all contractors attending to complete on-site works, and those making social visits to residents of your property.

We have created our central Attendance Register for all our properties to make use of. The link below can be provided to all visitors to quickly and easily register their details.

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It is our suggestion that a notice be placed up at all entrances to your building to make registration quick and easy.

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On this page you will find the following information which we hope will shed some light on the process going forward, and provide some much needed reassurance in these uncertain times:

We continue to be guided by our company values of integrity, client focus and team work and will endeavour to provide as much support and insight as our role and expertise allows, while deferring to the experts where required.

Reducing the spread: measures an OC could implement.

  • Promotion of personal hygiene best practices and social distancing.
    Install notices in high profile locations around the property.

View our Hygiene Habits notice >

View our face mask reminder notice > View our face mask reminder notice (white version) >

View our face mask reminder notice (Mandarin) > View our face mask reminder notice (Mandarin, white version) >

Access Victorian Department of Health and Human services resources >

  • Restrict lift usage to maximum 2 persons per lift
    A requirement as of 23 March 2020
    Install notices in lifts to encourage buttons be clicked by a key or fob device

View our Lift Etiquette notice >

  • Encourage fit and able-bodied residents to use stairs over lifts, where possible
  • Promote social distancing in main pedestrian thoroughfares including stairwells & lifts
  • Authorise the purchase of hand sanitiser to be placed at the main entrance for use of occupiers
    Subject to availability
  • Increase of cleaning to high traffic areas
    i.e. door handles, doors, intercom panels, lift buttons, letterboxes
    Specialised cleaners can be engaged to steam surfaces and apply hospital grade cleaning chemicals
  • Closure of all non-essential internal facilities
    A requirement as of 23 March 2020
    i.e. gym, pool, spa, sauna, cinema, resident lounges
  • Closure of outdoor areas that attract groups of people
    A requirement as of 23 March 2020
    i.e. BBQ area, seated areas, outdoor pools
  • Restriction of access to the building to only occupiers
    No entry by delivery persons, non-essential service providers
    Install notices at entrances:

View our Restricted Access Notice- with Building Manager >

View our Restricted Access Notice – no Building Manager >

  • Placement of tables in foyer for food drop off and parcel deliveries
    Only relevant to properties with Building Managers
  • Encourage occupiers to notify Owners Corporation Manager or Building Manager if they or someone they know in the building has contracted coronavirus.

Please note, The Knight requires the directive of the Committee to implement or facilitate any of these initiatives. Should our help be requested it will be provided where possible, noting that some services and supplies, due to high demand, might be more difficult to secure than usual.

Confirmed case of COVID-19: our plan of action.

The Knight proposes the below process in the instance of a confirmed COVID-19 case within your building.

Your Owners Corporation Manager will be in touch in regard to obtaining a standing resolution enabling us to enact the below action plan without further prior notification or confirmation by the Committee.

We strongly urge all Committees to facilitate this, as it will allow us to act swiftly to prevent the spread of the virus to other residents.

Suggested plan of action:

  1. Owners Corporation Manager is made aware that a building occupier has a confirmed case of COVID-19
  2. Owners Corporation engages cleaning company who specialises in biohazard cleaning to clean relevant common areas
  3. Owners Corporation Manager informs Committee of Management
  4. Health Department notified
  5. Building occupiers notified

It is important to note the distinction between someone being placed under mandatory self-isolation and having a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Useful Resources.

The Strata Community Association (SCA) has issued a range of documents to help Committee Members and Residents navigate this situation. Please find links to these and other useful pages below.

Remember to seek out information from reputable and trusted sources only. These include the Department of Health and peak industry bodies. The spread of misinformation can place additional stress on our essential services during this crisis.

Strata Community Association (SCA) Vic Resources.

Government Resources.