Our primary focus is simple as the aim is to exceed client expectations, seeking to provide the highest standards and professional conduct in all aspects of our service delivery.

We are changing perceptions about Owners Corporation (Body Corporate) Management. We firmly believe that with the right advice and guidance Owners Corporations can operate smoothly and painlessly for Owners and all Stakeholders.

When matters arise, they must be dealt with promptly and professionally. We pride ourselves in providing a ‘no fuss’ approach to management and offer ‘tried and tested’ solutions based upon our extensive experience in the industry.

Our mission is to provide a superior service to our Clients, to support our Staff in service excellence and to strive to have our industry recognised as a body of professional Property Managers.


Australian Property Buyers

“I’d like to thank you personally for all your wonderful assistance you’ve given me whilst we’ve been working together.”

“Most people, including myself, can hold adverse thoughts and comments relating to Owners Corporation Manager’s, but I can (and do) have very high praise for The Knight and in particular the service you have given me.”

“It’s been great and I’ve always been able to rely on your assistance and that’s the part of what has made my work at APB enjoyable.”

Australian Property Buyers

The Domain Melbourne

“I’m Tony Delves, Chairman of The Domain Owners Corporation. In my working life I started out as a teacher and finished up as Director of Adult Education for Victoria.”

“I’ve been a member of the Committee and for all of that time The Knight has managed this building.”

“Initially it was Robert himself probably until about the last 8 years and since then we’ve had 3 separate managers all of them have been excellent.”

“About 7 or 8 years ago, the Committee investigated was about time when we needed to renew the contract and we decided fairly quickly that we didn’t want to change and I can see no likely hood of this changing either.”

“The simple answer is we’re happy with The Knight and other people know that and I think partly because of the prestige of this building that’s been good for The Knight to know that we like what they do.”

Tony Delves
Past Chair, The Domain

Owner East Melbourne

“Thank you for all of your outstanding work with maintaining the Wellington Gardens complex. You do a fantastic job with the body corporate committee and I very much enjoyed my time with you and the other past committee members.”

Chris Wills
Owner East Melbourne