Resolution to be voted on:

The Owners Corporation resolves by Special Resolution to commence legal proceedings against the initial owner for breaching the obligations of the initial owner as set out at section 68 of the Owners Corporation Act 2006 in relation to the entering into of the contract with Easton on behalf of the Owners Corporation. The Committee is delegated full authority to negotiate and settle the legal proceedings on any terms deemed appropriate by the Committee.


  • Forms submitted after 5:00 pm on Thursday 12th of May 2022 will be ruled invalid
  • Votes will be tabulated according to the unit and proxies nominated by the voter in this form (regardless of any other units they own or proxies they hold)
  • Owners are advised that they have the right to appoint a proxy for this ballot. Download the proxy form here.
  • Mikaela Williams is the returning Secretary for this ballot

808264L Special Resolution Ballot

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